Letter to CityRenters and Neighbors Deserve Smart Governance

​Proposed regulations will hurt responsible renters

On August 23, 2019, housing leaders from MHA presented pages of research laying out problems with the proposed rental regulation ordinance. Minneapolis residents deserve a city government that responds to facts and data, and does its best to know the future impact of new laws.

That’s not happening with unproven and untested rental regulations being considered by the City Council.

Without any data or research to support the changes, a few city politicians want to eliminate responsible background checks for new renters and impose other restrictions that will ultimately make it harder for vulnerable populations to find housing.

Read the August 23 letter in full here.

In May 2019, MHA responded to the original draft regulations with concerns the proposals would mean higher costs and less safety for responsible renters. Read the original letter here in: SpanishSomaliEnglish